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Light on Water | Michael Noonan

Moon River

By Ann Huang

You are in love but you don’t wish to be in it.

You are     losing the nostalgia and sits

still, haunted in the barn.

Having lived with things  

to their skins,

you rejuvenate

to a portion of the deeds you irrigate.

  You’re him

and not him,

  gramophone without a voice

like a handful of silver frames.

The butterflies see you like a tenor.

Some your soft many mirth,

past   selves 

who have already left.

Tuxedo shows above the line—

when you soak in the moon river

throughout its veil of discrete love.

Ann Huang is a multilingual Chinese American poet, filmmaker and visual artist based in Newport Beach, CA. Her poetry has been featured in Denver Quarterly, Alexandria Quarterly, Ruth Stone, FENCE, CONFRONTATION, Poets Choice, Adelaide Lit Mag, Rue Scribe, The Blue Mountain Review, The Elevation Review, Helen Lit Mag, The Florida Review, The Bare Life Review, The Bookends Review, Tiny Seed Journal, The Write Launch and Verse Wrights. She's Ephemera's June 2023 Poet.

Michael Noonan is from Halifax, Yorkshire. Has had artworks published in literary journals in the US and UK, and elsewhere, including, After the Pause, Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Noctivigant Press, Press Pause Press, the Hooghly Review, Last Leaves Magazine, The Concrete Desert Review, 805 Lit+Art!, Qwerty, Suspended Magazine, Full House Literary Magazine, and Spellbinder, literary and arts quarterly. He won a runners up prize for a drawing in a competition run by Arts and Illustrators Magazine in the UK, and his own painting can be seen on the cover of a volume of his stories, entitled, Seven Tall Tales.